I was born in Moscow, Russia and first 30 years lived a " big city life style" . A jewelry designer's career had along way to become my passion.

It started when I was four. My grandmother was a director of Board of Education in Moscow during Stalin's time, her strong will had affected family members for years.I had drawn well, my paintings were colorful and vivid but it was just "extracurriculum activities". In high school my artistic vision of the world became "verbal" : I passed an interview at the School for Gifted in Creative Writing. I had promised to be a good writer but my family did not see this field as a career. I graduated Moscow University of Education as a scientist. I worked in a huge research corporation as a engineer-microbiologist. Life was good.

Gorbachev, then a following his reform "perestroika" changed many lives. Science was collapsed as well as an economy and political system. I started to work for "new Russians", then tried modeling for magazines, and in 1992 I found myself in business field. I opened a travel agency which shortly became an international one.

In 1994 I came to New York to open a new branch of that travel agency. It never materialized, instead, I got married and moved to Wilmington, NC.I brought my 11-year-old daughter a became a stay -at -home-mom. I went to a local University to study creative writing, write a few short stories and poems, was published.

We lived in the historical heart of old Wilmington. My husband who was always busy with his car dealership business, surrendered to my hands a restoration of a historical beauty of our Victorian 7200 sq. ft.home. I studied the Victorian period in libraries, in museums, and historical sites all over the South. I deeply fell in love with Victorian era. Now, after so many years, the restoration of this house is not only an interesting hobby or another job to do. It is what I c all My return to society : When I leave this world the tourists will still travel my street on two-horse-cart, and the house will be here in it's Victorian beauty.

But what about a jewelry designer career? you will ask. It is a part of my love of the Victorian era. My jewelry include real antique and vintage parts and beads. I create a new jewelry in Victorian style .They are an improvisation, it is my little story telling.

I studied metalwork in fabulous Penland School of Art in North Carolina, and in private art studio with well known and talented jeweler.

My jewelry bring together my multi-leveled European background and my discovery of the endless wonder of two centuries of American beauty.

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